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Learning opportunities

QTOM is your opportunity to assemble your own Quantum Technology education, with support from experts all across Europe! You can study a course for ECTS, take an internship or thesis project, or attend an event advertised at your institution.

To get involved in one of the QTOM courses or projects: Contact your local representative! This is the person responsible for helping you arrange your unique path to becoming a QT expert, who can explain to you how to to participate.


Barcelona Career Symposium

The Master in Quantum Science and Technology Barcelona organised a symposium dedicated to careers in quantum science and technologies that is open to everyone. Your chance to kickstart your journey to becoming a Quantum Technology Expert! Join us online on 8 April 2022, using the registration link here!

QTOM Fridays

A trip through the world of Quantum Technology

Launch Event

The QTEdu Open Master
Launch Event

Was held on 6 December 2021

Experts and students in Quantum Technology from across Europe came together during the launch event of the pilot.

Remote courses

The following shared courses available through QTOM. If you are interested in a course be sure to contact your local representative: they will be able to provide information on how to participate and the possibilities of obtaining ECTS credits. If your university does not host a local representative, you may instead contact for participation.

Please do not contact the providers of each course directly.

Quantum Liquids
University of Pisa — 6-9 ECTS — Spring Semester — 7 weeks — 15 lectures 2x45min — — Provider: Marilù Chiofalo
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Quantum Information Theory
University of Copenhagen — 7.5 ECTS — 7 February 2022 — 7 weeks — Lectures: 2x90min — Exercises: 90 min (locally) — Provider: Laura Mančinska
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Quantum Computing
University of Amsterdam — 8 ECTS — all year — 7 weeks — 14 lectures 2x45min — Exercises: 45 min (locally) — Provider: Marten Teitsma
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Post-Quantum Cryptography
Eötvös Loránd University — 6 ECTS — February-May 2022 — 14 weeks — Lectures: 90min — Exercises: 90 min (locally) — Provider: Péter Kutas
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Research projects

Below you can find a display of research projects available in the Open Master. You may be able to research one of these unique areas for an internship or accredited thesis. To do so, contact the project host, and if you wish for your project to be for ECTS credits you must also contact your local representative.

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