Quantum Programming

Provider: Aurél Gábris, Dept. of Physics, Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague 

Host institution:

Number of ECTS: 2-4

Number of lectures/workshops: 13 lectures (2×50 mins)

Competence framework topics:

5 Quantum computing and simulation

5.1 Quantum gates

5.2 Quantum programming languages and tools

5.3 Quantum algorithms and computing techniques

Date available: 13 Feb – 12 May 2022 (Spring semester)

Short description of the content: The goal of the course is to provide the basic skills for programming quantum computers, and to use these skills to develop understanding of fundamental quantum communication protocols and quantum algorithms. The classes are combinations of lectures that introduce the essential concepts and tools, followed by exercise sessions during which programming assignments are completed. Familiarity with quantum mechanics is not necessary. Any quantum SDK, such as Qiskit, Cirq, Forest, Q#, may be used during the course, based on agreement at the beginning of the semester.

Extended description of the content:

Outline of the course:

  1. Probabilistic and quantum bits, quantum computing SDK (e.g. Qiskit),
  2. Bloch sphere representation of a qubit, general single qubit gates
  3. Measurement, cloning, state identification of an ensemble
  4. Two qubits, quantum correlations, quantum circuits
  5. Quantum communication protocols: quantum teleportation, super dense coding
  6. Quantum key distribution protocol: BB84
  7. Multi-qubit gates, universal quantum computer
  8. Deutsch–Jozsa algorithm, the Oracle
  9. Grover’s search algorithm
  10. Quantum Fourier Transform
  11. Quantum phase estimation
  12. Shor’s factorization, quantum Fourier transformation
  13. Discrete time quantum walks and spatial search

Learning outcomes

Knowledge: Basic concepts and algorithms of quantum computing.
Skills: Independent coding skills for quantum computers.

Further information available: http://bilakniha.cvut.cz/en/predmet6683806.html

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Pre-requisites for the course: Basic linear algebra; elementary probability theory; complex numbers recommended

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CTU Prague and EuroTeQ universities

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Quantum Programming

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