Quantum Physics For Computer Scientists

Provided by: Alex Grilo

Number of ECTS: 9

Level: First year CS Master

Number of lectures/workshops: 10 weeks of 4h30 hours of course + 4h30 hours of exercises

Date available: September to December 2021

Competence framework topics:

1 Concepts of quantum physics

1.1 Basic concepts

5 Quantum computing and simulation

5.3 Quantum algorithms and computing techniques

Short description of the content: This course will be given for the first time in the 2021/2022 academic year. Quantum cinematics needed to understand theoretical quantum information (Hilbert spaces in physicists’ notations, unitary transformations, projective measurements and POVMs, density matrices and partial traces). Quantum dynamics (Hamiltonian, evolution operator, dissipation). Link with some quantum information physical implementations (cold atoms, photonics). The focus will be on finite dimensional systems.

Extended description of the content: TBD

Maximum number of student participants: Locally: 10-15 students. Virtually: a priori no limits

Maximum number of universities participating: a priori no limits

Pre-requisites for the course: Knowledge of linear algebra, complex numbers and calculus. The course is aimed at computer scientist, so no knowledge of physics is needed

Material available:
● Video
● Exercises
● Exam

Need for Teaching Assistance: At SU we will have 2 or 3 TAs that will be responsible for the exercise sessions

Other remarks concerning this course: Not all information is available for now since there are some administrative issues to be solved between CS and Physics departments.

Known to be available at:

Sorbonne University and 4EU+ universities

Signing up: Contact your local QTOM representative for instructions to sign up. The list of local QTOM representatives is maintained on the student area page.