Quantum Liquids

Provided by: Marilù Chiofalo Dept. of Physics, University of Pisa 

Number of ECTS: 6-9

Number of lectures/workshops: 15 (1+1 hour)

Competence framework topics:

2 Physical foundations of quantum technologies

2.1 Atomic physics as a basis for quantum technologies

2.1 Quantum optics as a basis for quantum technologies

2.3 Solid-state physics as a basis for quantum technologies

6 Quantum sensors and metrology

6.3 Inertial and gravity sensing

8 Practical and soft skills

8.5 Connecting QT with applications and use cases

8.6 Teaching and outreach skills

8.7 Networking and communication skills

8.8 Research ethics, responsible research and innovation

Date available: Feb 15th-end of May (II semester)

Short description of the content: Provides conceptual and methodological toolbox to understand the physics of quantum liquids and learn the essentials to conceive a quantum technology (QT). Different QT platforms are discussed 

Extended description of the content: The course is conceived for students who wish to refine their knowledge and competences on theoretical condensed-matter physics and for students who wish to acquire a conceptual and methodological toolbox to understand the physics of quantum liquids, comprehend how quantum technologies work, and learn the essentials needed to conceive them. Since quantum technologies have been developed in different experimental platforms, with different forms and similar functionalities, the course choice is to privilege a wide-open conceptual and methodological vision in the first 2/3 part of the course, and devote the last part to practical implementations, which can always be deepened whenever needed.

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Pre-requisites for the course: BS Physics

Material available:
Onenote files of lectures content. 15 (1+1 hour) videos of lectures

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University of Pisa

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Quantum Liquids

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