Quantum Information Theory

Provided by: Laura Mančinska

Number of ECTS: 7.5

Number of lectures/workshops: 2x 90 min lectures per week (7 weeks in total)
(this is supplemented with a weekly 90-min exercise session which will not be shared and, if desired, should be provided locally)

Date available: Course starts on Monday, February 7, 2022

Competence framework topics:

1 Concepts of quantum physics

1.1 Basic concepts

1.2 Mathematical formalism

7 Quantum communication

7.1 Quantum cryptography

Short description of the content: Quantum information theory course from information-theoretic perspective. Course was originally developed by Matthias Christandl. Instructors vary year from year.

Extended description of the content:

  • Review of Probability Theory and Classical Information Theory (Random Variables, Shannon Entropy, Coding)
  • Formalism of Quantum Information Theory (Quantum States, Density Matrices, Quantum Channels, Measurement)
  • Quantum versus Classical Correlations (Entanglement, Bell inequalities, Tsirelson’s bound)
  • Basic Tools (Distance Measures, Fidelity, Quantum Entropy)
  • Basic Results (Quantum Teleportation, Quantum Error Correction, Schumacher Data Compression)
  • Quantum Resource Theory (Quantum Coding Theory, Entanglement Theory, Application: Quantum Cryptography)

Maximum number of student participants: 20 (potentially more)

Maximum number of universities participating: 2-3

Pre-requisites for the course: BSc in math, computer science, or physics. Good linear algebra background.

Material available:

  • Video/stream: YES
  • Lecture notes: YES
  • Exercises: Potentially

Need for Teaching Assistance: Note that exercise sessions, if desired, would need to be provided locally.

Other remarks concerning this course:

Known to be available at:

University of Copenhagen, CTU Prague, and 4EU+ universities

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Quantum Information Theory

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