Quantum Communication

Provider: Friedrich Schiller, Institute of Applied Physics, Friedrich-Schiller-Universität, Jena

Host institution:

Number of ECTS: 4.5

Number of lectures/workshops: 14 lectures (90 mins) + 7 Exercises (90 mins)

Competence framework topics:

1.1 Basic concepts

1.2 Mathematical formalism

1.3 Qubit dynamics

7.1 Quantum cryptography

7.2 Quantum networks

7.3 Infrastructure for quantum communication

7.4 Hardware for quantum communication

Date available: 19.10.2022 – 10.02.2022, Wednesday 0815-1000, Exercises every two week Wednesday 1000-1200

Short description of the content: Introduction to quantum communication in theory and practise.

Extended description of the content:

The course will introduce the basics of encoding qubits in single photons, quantum entanglement and nonlocality, and the application of these principles in quantum communication protocols. Applications in secure information transfer via Quantum Key Distribution, as well as advanced protocols (Teleportation, Dense Coding, Quantum Repeaters, and Entanglement Swapping) are introduced. Moreover, we discuss technical implementations of quantum communication hardware, as well as the practical and fundamental limitations of long-distance quantum communication.

Further information available: moodle.uni-jena.de (Access granted through lecture organizer, Friedrich Schiller)

Learning outcomes

Knowledge: Basic concepts of quantum communication.

Maximum number of student participants: N/A

Maximum number of universities participating: N/A

Pre-requisites for the course: Basic understanding of Quantum Physics

Material available: 14 lectures (90 mins) + 7 excersices (90 mins)

Need for Teaching Assistance: None

Other remarks concerning this course: Zoom online sessions

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