QTOM Fridays – A trip through the world of Quantum Technology

Provided by: Guest speakers from across Europe. Organised by Simon Goorney, QTOM Team

Course Material available at this link

Weekly Zoom Link for attendance here

Register for the course here

Number of ECTS: up to 4

Format and timing:

Weekly seminars of 2 hours, zoom, Fridays 2-4PM CET, beginning 25/03/2022. Attendance will be recorded. Seminars are associated with the following optional independent study material:

-Pre-reading of roughly 2 hours per seminar

-Exercise material of up to 4 hours per seminar

-Extended projects of 10-30 hours

Competence framework topics:

1 Concepts of quantum physics

2 Physical foundations of quantum technologies

3 Enabling technologies

4 Hardware for quantum computers and sensors

5 Quantum computing and simulation

6 Quantum sensors and metrology

7 Quantum communication

8 Practical and soft skills

Short description of the content:

We are currently undergoing a second quantum revolution! Researchers are no longer simply trying to understand the governing laws of quantum Physics, but are moving to utilise them for our ends. The ability to manipulate single atoms has shifted the focus from basic science to developing and implementing novel Quantum technologies. In this course, we will take a trip through the diverse world of QT, exploring these fascinating and emerging technologies with the help from top experts across Europe.

Extended description of the content:
This course is yours to make of what you want. QTOM is an open project and we intend to allow you to develop your agency and so offer flexibility in studying how you wish. By taking your own initiative to assemble your own unique program of study, you can start your journey to expertise in specialist areas of Quantum Technology you may never have heard of.

To that end, you may: 

-Attend one off seminars for interest

-Attend 50% of the total available seminars for “Bronze” certification 

-Attend 65% of the total available seminars for “Silver” certification 

-Attend 80% of the total available seminars for “Gold” certification 

In addition, most seminars are associated with independent study material in the form of:

-Pre-reading of roughly 2 hours

-Exercise material of up to 4 hours – submitted to qtom.pilot@qtedu.eu

-A topic area for extended projects

You may complete as much or little of this material as you wish. For students intending to study the course for ECTS, you will need to accumulate and demonstrate independent study time. 

Course Evaluation – independent study:

At the end of the course, you may (optionally): 

-Write a 3 page synopsis of the reading material covering at least half of the seminars

-Complete one of the available extended projects in an area of your choice

Either or both of these will be evaluated by the course organisers and facilitated for ECTS accreditation with your local representative.

Maximum number of student participants: 50

Pre-requisites for the course:
Vary for each seminar. Generally, a background in linear algebra and calculus, along with a course in foundational Quantum Mechanics would be a good guidelines.

Material available:
• Video/stream, exercises, projects, and pre-reading. Material available here

Registration: Register for the first seminars using the form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfSiQCdcDABvp9siFus_mVA-ZKhwoaKvxFUt_3DgW48WVszkw/viewform

Contact your local QTOM representative if you wish to arrange for accreditation of ECTS. The list of local QTOM representatives is maintained on the student area page.