Post-Quantum Cryptography

Provided by: Péter Kutas

Number of ECTS: 6

Level: First year MSc in Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, or similar

Number of lectures/workshops: approximately 14 lectures each 90 minutes

Date available: February-May 2022, one lecture per week

Competence framework topics:

5 Quantum computing and simulation

5.3 Quantum algorithms and computing techniques

7 Quantum communication

7.1 Quantum cryptography

8 Practical and soft skills

8.2 Classical programming

Short description of the content: This course will focus on theoretical aspects of post-quantum cryptography; it is still under construction and we will launch it in the spring semester of 2022. The course will start from the beginning, so it shall be accessible for physicists as well. Péter Kutas will be the lecturer.

Extended description of the content: see the course web page

Maximum number of student participants:

Maximum number of universities participating:

Pre-requisites for the course: Basic knowledge of linear algebra, abstract algebra (including familiarity with concepts such as groups, finite fields, polynomials and rings). It is useful to have some familiarity with basic cryptography concepts such as public key encryption and digital signatures.

Material available:
• Video/stream and slides
• Exercise sheets

Need for Teaching Assistance: We will have weekly exercise classes (likely 90 minutes) alongside the course, and we encourage organizing these locally. Our exercise sheets will be also made available, but these might need to be adapted according to the local needs.

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Eötvös Loránd University and CTU Prague

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Post-Quantum Cryptography

Signing up: Contact your local QTOM representative for instructions to sign up. The list of local QTOM representatives is maintained on the student area page.