Introduction to quantum computing and communication

Provider: Laszlo Bacsardi, Sandor Imre – Budapest University of Technology and Economics 

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Number of ECTS: 2

Number of lectures/workshops: 14 lectures (2×45 mins)

Competence framework topics:

5 Quantum computing and simulation

5.1 Quantum gates

5.3 Quantum algorithms and computing techniques

7 Quantum communication

7.1 Quantum cryptography

7.2 Quantum networks

7.3 Infrastructure for quantum communication

Date available: From Sep 8, Thu, 14 weeks (Fall semester)

Short description of the content: This course gives an overview on different areas of quantum computing and communication including qubits, quantum registers, quantum gates and different quantum algorithms (Grover, Deutsch-Jozsa, Shor, etc.) and protocols (including quantum teleportation and quantum key distribution).

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Pre-requisites for the course: Linear algebra

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Other remarks concerning this course: It is possible to join the course after its official start date.

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Budapest University of Technology and Economics

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