Open Quantum Systems

Provider: Jaroslav Novotný, Dept. of Physics, Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague 

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Number of ECTS: 2-4

Number of lectures/workshops: 13 lectures (2×50 mins)

Competence framework topics:

1 Concepts of quantum physics

1.2 Mathematical formalism

Date available: 13 Feb – 12 May 2022 (Spring semester)

Short description of the content: Introduction to theory of generalized quantum measurement, positive operator-valued measure, physical realizations. Quantum operations, general description of state changes, superoperator theoretical framework, examples of quantum operations. Markovian quantum master equation, quantum dynamical semigroups. Basic models for description of decoherence and thermalization.

Extended description of the content:

Learning outcomes:

Knowledge: Introduction to quantum physics of open systems.
Skills: Application of theory to particular physical situations

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Pre-requisites for the course: BS Physics

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CTU Prague and EuroTeQ universities

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Open Quantum Systems

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