The QTEdu Open Master
Launch Event

Was held on 6 December 2021

Experts and students in Quantum Technology from across Europe came together during the launch event of the pilot.

Learning opportunities

Hear how you can get involved in an open pilot which will give you unique opportunities in your Quantum Technology education!

Cutting edge

Learn about the cutting-edge of quantum technology research and teaching innovations.

Launch Event Program

Starting time: 16:00 CET, 6th December 2021


Introduction to the pilot and welcome from the organisers


Internships and projects

At 16:00 – Hear from the organisers an overview of how QTOM can start your journey to Quantum Expertise.
At 16:15 – Hear from 3 former interns about their diverse research experiences in Quantum Technology.
At 16:45 – Find out exactly how to be involved – as a student or faculty member.
At 17:00 – Join us for panel discussions in some of the areas covered in the Master program. The panels run for 25 minutes and will be repeated once.

Breakout Panels from Experts in Quantum Technology

Students: This is your opportunity to engage with the speakers, they are all offering courses or projects through the pilot.

Download printable flyer: [QTOM_Launch_event.pdf]