Competence Framework for Quantum Technologies


The European Competence Framework for Quantum Technologies aims to map the landscape of competences and skills in Quantum Technologies thus establishing a common language facilitating communication and cooperation among university staff and industrial stakeholders.

This framework is envisioned to be a starting point for planning and structuring a variety of educational and training projects in Quantum Technologies, e.g., master programs at universities, training programs for the industry workforce, or educational research initiatives. It will become a major EU initative before 2030.

Using the Competence Framework

The courses and events available through QTOM are linked to the Competence Framework for Quantum Technologies. As a student the Competence Framework can provide an overview of skills and knowledge in quantum technologies and aid you in orienting yourself in what QTOM has in for you. Should you want to offer an event to your local students as provider, you may use this as a guide to see which topic areas are covered and to what level of proficiency.

Version 2.0 was published by the Quantum Flagship CSA Qucats in April 2023.