QTOM is a project of the EU Quantum Flagship

Bringing together the shared knowledge of experts in quantum technology from over 30 top institutions across Europe and from around the World

Study for ECTS in quantum technology

Attend courses at top institutions across the EU

Gain research and industry experience

Through internships and thesis projects, seminars, and workshops

Enhance your study programmes

Include modules or courses taught or developed at QTOM partner institutions

The QTEdu Open Master Pilot draws on educational programs from across the EU to deliver European transferrable credits (ECTS) which can contribute towards your Master’s degree in the area of Quantum Technology.

Through the program you can study, gain professional experience through an internship or workshop series, and develop your career in the exciting and rapidly expanding quantum world.

What is the Quantum Flagship?

The Quantum Flagship was launched in 2018 as one of the largest and most ambitious research initiatives of the European Union. With a budget of at least €1 billion and duration of 10 years, the flagship brings together research institutions, academia, industry, enterprises and policy makers, in a joint and collaborative initiative on an unprecedented scale.

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What is QTOM?

QTOM is a pilot project of the Quantum Flagship – the EU funded Quantum Technology initiative. Europe is investing billions of Euros into developing QT, and a future workforce is needed who are capable of operating it! QTOM aims to give students from all across Europe access to the Competences they will need – by sharing the expertise of experts to provide credited and optional courses, internships, and even remotely supervised Master’s thesis projects. By…

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Competence Framework for Quantum Technologies

The competence framework aims to map the landscape of competences and skills in Quantum Technologies thus establishing a common language facilitating communication and cooperation among different stakeholders in the education ecosystem.
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How to participate in QTEdu Open Master

Students from partner organisations

Find an activity

Check out the student area for activities you can join

Sign up for an activity

Some require signing up both at the provider institution and your home university


Attend events — for ECTS credits complete the requirements

Feedback and report

As a pilot project, QTOM would appreciate your feedback on your experience

Faculty from partner organisations

Share your expertise

Add your course, offer guest lectures, research projects

Open activities to your students

Include guest lectures, open QTOM courses, seminars, research projects

Evaluate student achievements

Approve ECTS credits if applicable

Not from a partner organisation

Find a contact person

Become a contact person, or convince a professor or colleague

Complete formalities

Agree to conditions for participating in QTOM